The Company (hereinafter called “the Lessor”) rents hereby to the person signing space overleaf (hereinafter called “the renter”) the vehicle described overleaf and hereinafter called “the vehicle” under the following terms and conditions. Therefore, the renter acknowledges an it is agreed that:

1. The renter received the vehicle with a full tank of gas, in good order and condition after he had ascertained that it met his full satisfaction. The Lessor whilst taking all precautions and using its best efforts to prevent such happening shall not be liable for any mechanical or other damage of the vehicle during the rental period of any tangible loss sustained by the renter as a result thereof.
2. The renter is obliged to return the vehicle with all the tires, tools, accessories and equipment to the renting station on the date and time specified overleaf and with a full tank of gas, otherwise he will be charged accordingly. In any event, should the agreed rental period has expired. The Lessor has the right to collect or retrieve the vehicle even without the renter’s consent at any time, from any place and by any means it may deem suitable.
3. It is forbidden that the vehicle be used:

a)      For any illegal transport of goods or any purpose violating the Greek laws.

b)     To carry passengers or property for a consideration express or implied.

c)      For propel or tow any trailer vehicle.

d)     In motor events (including racing, peacemaking, rallying reliability and speed testing).

e)     Bay any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

f)       By anyone except the person signing the agreement overleaf and individual included in a list submitted by the renter and approved by the Lessor’s authorized signature on it.

g)      Out of Greece without the advance authorization of the Lessor.

h)     On non-asphalt coated roads.

The renter and any other person who signed the respective spaces overleaf their rights resulting from this rental agreement and are fully responsible to indemnify the Lessor for any tangible or intangible loss it may sustain in any of the above clauses of this article 3 is violated.

4. The renter acknowledges that so long as no term and condition of this agreement has been violated during the rental period (specifically the terms and conditions described in the article 3 above) he is covered by the Lessor’s insurance company for the cases (a) and (b) and the Lessor himself for the cases (c) and (b) below against.

a)      Death and bodily injuries of third parties not riding in or upon the rented vehicle for a maximum amount of € 750.000 for all persons collectively.

b)     Material damages or property not stored in or upon the rented vehicle for a maximum amount of € 750.000.

c)      Total value of the rental car against theft, provided that the renter has accepted the extra daily charge (TP=Theft Protection).

d)     Collision and fire damages of the rented car to the extent these damages exceed the amounts excluded as these amounts are defined in the prevailing rate folder of the Lessor copy of which the renter has obtained and carefully read.

5. The renter further agrees to protect the interests of the Lessor and its insurance company in case of accident the rental by:

a)      Giving immediately a detailed report on the telephone to the nearest station of the Lessor followed by a written one as soon as feasible.

b)     Notifying the police immediately if another’s party guilt has to be ascertained or if injured people have to be taken care of.

c)      Not admitting liability or guilt.

d)     Obtaining names and addresses of parties involved and of witnesses.

6. Should the renter accept the terms and conditions of the special and limited personal accident insurance policy offered by the Lessor and should be elect to pay the relative charge by initialing the respective space overleaf he shall be covered by the terms and conditions and for the amounts described in the special Personal Accident insurance brochure, copy of which he obtained and carefully read.

7. The rental is personally liable to pay the Lessor on demand:

a)      The daily time charge for all the days of rental.

b)     The kilometer charge computed at the rate specified overleaf for the kilometers covered by the vehicle during the rental period. The number of kilometers covered by the vehicle shall be determined by reading the odometer installed by the manufacturer. If the odometer fails the kilometer charge shall be made in accordance with the road map distances of the journey traveled.

c)      The value of the gasoline consumed during the rental period.

d)     The special daily additional charges which:

    (i) Waive the deductible amounts upon commencement of the rental.

    (ii) Cover body injuries or death of the renter and his fellow passengers as per the specially and limited insurance referred in the paragraph overleaf (PAI)

    (iii) Waive the client’s liability against the Lessor in case of theft of the rented car (TP)

        Provided that he had accepted all or anyone of the charges his acceptance being evidenced by his initials in the respective spaces provided overleaf. Renters electing to pay the additional charges for CDW, LIS, TP and FDW are released from any obligation to pay for fire and other damages of the rental vehicle provided that such damages were not due to a violation of any of the provisions of the Greek Driving Code. If the renter does not elect to pay the additional daily charges referred in above clauses (i) and (iii) of paragraph (d) of this article 7 he is responsible to pay to the Lessor to the extent of the respective deductible amount any damage or wear and tear of the vehicle be it accidental or not. In case the client refuses the above optional insurance coverages the Lessor has the right to collect from him the respective deductible amounts upon commencement of the rental. Regardless whether comprehensive car insurance has been taken out or not the client renter is liable for all damages caused to the underside of the vehicle: including wheels and tires provision (h) of clause 3 has not been met.

e)     The additional charges for the delivery or collection of the vehicle as well as the extra for the return of the vehicle to any place other than the one specified overleaf in case the Lessor had not consented to it. Such additional costs will be calculated on the basis of the kilometer charge specified for such cases in the current rate folder of the Lessor.

f)       The state taxes and the service fees on the total of the charges describes in the above paragraphs (a) – (e).

g)      All fines and court costs for illegal parking, traffic or other illegal violations assessed against the vehicle the renter or the driver or the Lessor during the rental period as well as any intangible loss of the Lessor resulting from an administrative penalty imposed by the Traffic Police for said violations.

h)     Renter is liable for the Lessor’s costs for repairing damages caused to the vehicle or for the vehicle’s indicated value (in the event of theft) up to the amount specified in the box overleaf or for the actual damages of the vehicle whichever amount is smaller. Such liability of the Renters is waived if he has accepted in advance the CDW, LIS, TP and FDW optional charges as evidenced solely by his initials in the “accept” space overleaf.

8. During the rental period the renter is obliged to take the necessary precautions to prevent the theft of the vehicle and is responsible for even the slightest negligence to this end.

9. The renter hereby releases the Lessor from in liability for the loss or damage to any property left stored or transported by the renter or any other person in or upon the vehicle before or during the rental or after return of the vehicle to the Lessor. The renter further agrees to protect and indemnify the Lessor against and or for any third-party claim based on the resulting from such loss or damage.

10. Any additions or alternations to the terms and conditions of this agreement shall be null and void unless agreed upon in writing by the contracted parties.

11. This agreement was constructed in accordance with and will be governed by the laws of Greece. Any difference between the contracted parties resulting from this agreement is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Greek courts. However, the Lessor has the selectively right to file a suit against the renter before the courts of the country where the renter resides.

12. The renter consents and agrees that he shall be bound by these terms and conditions is relation to any extension of the rental period agreed by the Lessor of in respect of any substitute vehicle rented.

13. The renter solemnly declares that he possesses enough to cover any financial obligation he may incur against the Lessor as result of the rental agreement.